The dog: Belinha or just "Bela," that is my name! I was born in "Clevelândia do Norte," a very very tiny village in Brazil. My adventure started in one of the most beautiful places on this plane, THE AMAZON. 


The Human:  Luciana Coelho, my human mom :-) She born in Salvador, a coastal area in Brazil. She loves to travel, food, meet new people and their culture, photography and more, her mind never stops hehehe


And here we are together in one more adventure, WRITE THIS BLOG. We want to share with you how is my life traveling around the world, and sometime my mom will share her trips/experiences without me. 


Have fun, and we hope you enjoy our trips and tips ;-) 


Our Adventures


Bella's Photos

One of Bellas favorite things is to explore green areas. As she is a old ladie a break is always important


In the wildness


How could be life without a good wine???

That was hot!

Explore Japan with dogs sometimes can be quite challenging but with a little patience, we can find great places... 

Why Not?



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